John Lennon's Gypsy Caravan

John Lennon's Gypsy Sgt. Pepper's Caravan is of the Burton design and is often called the Showman, but Burton is preferable as it differentiates it from the heavy coach-like showman’s wagons pulled bt several horses or an engine – ‘Showman Specials’, not classifiable as Gypsy caravans.
Orton and Spooner at Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, were especially noted for it, and excellent ones were built by Howcroft or Hartlepool, Durham, Watts or Bridgewater, Somerset, and others. It is straight-sided but with wheels under the body, which projects over them, affording maximum floor space. The walls may be either paneled or of rib-and-matchboard construction, like the Reading, but they never slope out more than two inches. The roof, which always has gutters and a skylight, sometimes of a Pullman kind, has a flatter arch than that of the Reading. The most ornate wagons are paneled front, back and sides, with elaborately carved oak plaques fixed to each panel.
Though sometimes Gypsy-owned, this type was the one most favored by traveling showmen; unlike the Gypsies they kept to the high-roads, did not need high wheels to cross fords, and preferred the greater floor space.