John Lennon's Gypsy Caravan

The artist Steve Weaver was commissioned to create a design for John Lennon's gypsy caravan. He clearly liked Weavers' design, as this was then painted on John's Rolls Royce by Weaver at the JP Fallon, Coachbuilders works in Chertsey. Weaver was paid £290 for his artwork. Steve Weaver is now deceased so he can't tell his own story. However his daughter remembers the time and she confirmed that the design painting I have is the original that was prepared for Lennon by her father. Weaver's daughter was interested in my father-in-law's connection to her father, and revealed that he “had a younger man help him with the car”. It is quite possible that this was my father-in-law, also an artist who was working in the area at that time.